I was talked into performing again...but I think I'll stick to my guns; no concerts at all this year. I think I should focus on studio work, period.

Because I'm sticking to studio work only, I feel less pressured to be perfect and instead work on my promotional work. I need more viewing materials as well as planting my previous studio work for consumption. While I work on this prospect, the following has been penciled down:

Project D 
Production slated for May 24-28 (may change)
Film production on-location in Chicago, photo shoot May TBD. 
Material release: N/A (video), (photos)

Project E
Production slated August TBD
Studio production in Brooklyn, photo shoot (October TBD)
Material release: N/A (photos), October TBD (album)

Project F
Production slated January TBD
Studio production in Brooklyn (Tent.)
Album release: February 14, 2019 (Projected)

Concert Season (finally)
April - October 2019

Right now, I'm finally getting out of the rut, and I want my money to be invested properly because I'm poor as shit. If I'm going to continue funneling my money towards my ventures, then I want to invest it wisely. By the time I'm ready to concertize again, I'll have a lot of materials for all to view! New photographs, new music, and even videos!

I'm going to update more on here, and of course keep you up to date (if you care) on Twitter and Facebook.

Until then,