The Glenn Gould Approach

I've been battling self doubt all week. I sit down and practice my repertoire, and just stop to think...should I even bother with live performances at this time? Is it too soon? I'm ready to issue further refunds if it comes to it, I just might. I had high enough hopes, and the right amount of support...but maybe I should take my talents to the studio and begin in reverse order. (Yes, I'm aware that Glenn started on stage then remained in-studio for the remainder of his career)

Extend the taping period and spend that portion of time working on the album, recording repertoire, and spending the other half of my time networking and working on sponsorships. Maybe hit a gig every now and then, then start again with the concert in Toronto and work backwards. That sounds good.

I love the stage, and if this is what it takes to get there, I guess I should take a number and get in line.


Thank you for following, I'll always have more to come.