Detained in the UK

I ranted about this on my Twitter account, I find I must summarize on the website for those reading.

I had my concert in London this past Monday...but it never happened. Due to the unprofessionalism and amusement of the Borer Force, I was detained for upwards of 11 hours. And left without access to my money or a decent shower and bed. They offered a weeks stay in the UK but were completely dismissive towards my plight, that they further caused mind you.

I voiced my anger towards the United Kingdom's Border Force, and I meant every word. I take nothing back. With my concert at 1901 Arts Club being cancelled for the trouble, there has been an overwhelming amount of support towards me and I appreciate the public on London for this.

However, there was a minor silver lining. Because of my resourcefulness, I managed to gain access to the finest hotels in the area with little effort and make it back home in Detroit without trouble...unfortunately it cost me majorly as opposed to my budget which would've afforded me the luxury of London and Paris as a local for the week.

I will make it back to Paris this April after a few tapings (wait for it) and I will be there for the sake of another album and concert that was due at Le Carmen to be done in another venue (I'll announce later, I promise).

Until then, I'm back home and working on somethings else. You know me, I don't give up easy.