REGROUP: Next Move.

Since sales - yet again - are slow, I've decided to create an alternative: I'm springing for 2-3 concert each month. The opening (Detroit) show will stay in tact as the sales for the show have been impressively quick. There are still plenty of seats open to my fellow Detroiters ;)

I've gotten tremendous support from the public in London, and I'll be a fool to postpone on them so soon. The show in Paris was a hard-sell from the start. Since July of last year, the contract was inked and the show was in promotions...out of the 160+ seats, only 4 have been sold. I am slowly gathering interests, but if this show doesn't sell faster in the next two weeks; either I change venues, or I'll have to simply wait and sell for the September date.

For what was supposed to be the "tour", is turning out as I've been thinking to do in the first place: single unrelated performances. Instead of one cohesive ring, it's just going to be scattered dates and locations in different points of the year. As I've mentioned, I'm hoping for at least 2 shows each month.

The new proposed plan is as follows:

February 9 - Scarab Club (Detroit) | $5
February 12 - 1901 Arts Club - Salon (London*) | £10
February 14 - Le Carmen (Paris*) | 10€

March - April 2018: Taping Period (Refocusing on the unfinished album "Smoke in my Soul" and writing new music.)

April 21 - Gallery345 (Toronto*) | $20CAD
May TBA - Renee Weiler Recital Hall (NYC) | $10
May TBA -  Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center (Seattle) | $10
June 23 - Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles (Los Angeles) $20
July 7 - Waterfront Lofts at Greenpoint (NYC) | $20
July TBA - New School of Music (Boston) | $10
July 15 - Fine Arts Building (Chicago) | $10
August TBA - Recital Hall, Washington University (St. Louis) | $10
August TBA - The Music Settlement, Burke Mansion (Cleveland) | $10
September TBA - Cercle Suedois (Paris*) | 20€.