Piano Trouble

As of this passed Tuesday, Louis is now without an instrument.

I hate that I'm resorting to this, but time is running out. In the wake of this sudden hurdle, the piano recital in Detroit will be moved to October 22 at 3 pm. While it provides me a little extra time to prepare; my lack of an instrument, endowment funding and current search for a new job proves to be a strain.

So I ask for support in my single Female Animal, every purchase will go towards the continuation my musical endeavors, and help move production of my EP Midnight to pay of the remaining balance. The studio session is set for October 13th.

If you don't want to buy, please share to someone who might like to add this piece to their collection.


With humility,

Paris Preview

14 Fevrier 2018

Le pianiste américain, Louis Vaspar, lance ses débuts à l'étranger dans son récital d'avant-première spécial composé de Rachmaninov et Chopin!

Réception spéciale après-spectacle avec moi en appréciant des cocktails, de la musique et des questions et réponses en français et en anglais.


En Avril, à Paris -- Charles Trenet
Cello Etude -- Chopin
Une barque sur l'Ocean -- Ravel


Variations of a Theme of Chopin -- Rachmaninov
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 36 -- Rachmaninov

Toccata in F-sharp minor -- Bach (Finale)

Jazz EP in the works

While preparing for classical recitals and an album to follow, there's also another project in the works; my EP Midnight which features songs recorded in January from the arrested Smoke in my Soul session in Brooklyn. 

Midnight will feature vocals, retooled originals, unreleased pieces, covers and a special rendition of "Le Talkie Walkie" by Serge Gainsbourg in the original French. The EP will hold 7 songs and is on pre-order for $5 on BandCamp!


  1. Sweet
  2. Punctuated Performance
  3. Le Talkie Walkie
  4. Barumba
  5. Moonlit Haze
  6. Striptease
  7. Scherzando!
    BONUS: Obsession

Rebelle au Diable

As of July 14th, concert debut Louis le Diable has been postponed what was originally on an indefinite status. As of today, the date has been moved to December 22nd, just days before my 26th birthday.

As a result, the theme no longer fits and the entire program is being scrapped and turned into an album to be recorded next summer.

I'll keep you posted both here and on my facebook page.

Endowment Fund, Archives Update, and 2018 Tour (etc.)

So many new things in the works from behind the scenes to this very website!

First, the Louis Vaspar Endowment Fund will be started to funding tours, concerts, upcoming albums, and a physical address to run these proceedings through.

Next, the Archives will serve as a revamp of this websites "timeline" in detail, elaborating on the lost footage, found documentation and footage. Currently unearthing some findings to add to the page.

The 2018 Tour, will begin after the debut at Orchestra Hall but will only go forth should the show be a success. For starts, there will be a multi-point tour in the US in only 5 cities; Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, and New York City. Further points: Ann Arbor, Cleveland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, and [Nova Scotia] have been reserved for another time; also factoring if this ring of recitals are a success. Between this will be a studio recital "A Benediction in Solitude" consisting of pieces by Liszt and Chopin.

Following the tour in 2018 are as follows; a live non-classical concert at the Village Vanguard and an international debut show in Paris with the select-area release of a special project. 

With all of this excitement, I am afraid I have to stop myself here for more good things to come!


Stay tuned.

Female Animal (Single)

The official coming out of Louis Vaspar and his pet pussy.

In the next few weeks (or sooner) Louis will release his single "Female Animal" re-created from the original piece of the same name written by Clay Pitts in 1970. While the release of "Bite your Cigarettes gathered no attention, the album is being re-visited for studio work to add the melodies and unfinished pieces that never got completed in post-production.

Stay tuned.