Louis Vaspar
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Invitation To Perform

Artist Stipulations

For Venues and Booking Management:

  • Venues that serve food, or performances in a dining facility, require negotiations.
  • Venues that serve only alcohol are welcomed.
  • Seated venues, with a proscenium or in an auditorium setting, get top priority. 
  • Venues are required to have a grand piano available for performance use, will personally pay for service (if needed) prior to use.
    • A microphone solely for the piano, depending on the venue, may be requested but not required.
      • Also, a microphone for the soloist may be requested on standby in case of immediate instruction to the ensemble.
    • Will not perform on electronic keyboards, but will make exceptions for a Rhodes or Wurlitzer.
    • Upright pianos are also an exception.
  • A backline (if booking Louis and his Combo) of a full drum set, amps for the Bass and Guitar would be required.
  • On-site audio recording may requested for venues.
    • Historic or prospective larger venues are required to have on-site audio recording available.
    • To prevent exploitation or misuse of property; available recordings by the venue are to be immediately handed over to Louis for review after performances. Some songs may need to be re-recorded due to poor quality of the recording (or the performance) or edited down. The venue will get either the green-light or denial to publish any available recordings for their own use within three days time. If approved, venues get partial rights to release excerpts only.
    • No recording of any kind from audience members.
  • All invitations by venues are required to draw up and present a draft contract between both the Soloist and the Booking Agent/Management for negotiations, detailing the venues proposal to the Soloist and its ground rules. This is a condition specifically for repeat performances, or short/long-term engagements. Upon any changes will a final contract be typed and signed by all parties (including witnesses if necessary).
    • This condition is also enforceable where there are to be one-time shows in smaller venues, though not as strict, is still a requirement. Larger venues proposing a one-time show must follow the same guidelines above.
    • Once an agreement has been made between parties, we will seal the deal with a signature, handshake, and a shot of liquor.
  • Fee is collected (in discretion) after the first act, or once the show is over. The soloist doesn't stay once he leaves the piano for the evening, please be prepared to make the exchange on his way out of the door.

For Private Affairs:

  • Seated events get top priority. 
    • Galas and social gatherings are welcome.
    • Intimate gatherings will require an acoustic piano for use; a grand piano is preferred but will accept performing on an upright.
      • If requesting Louis and his Combo, please ensure space for drums, and amplifiers along with the Piano.
  • Events serving food require negotiations.
  • No photography or recordings at any time by guests. Only appointed or requested professionals (by host or Soloist) are allowed to photograph or record.
  • Certain events may require audiences to keep conversation to a low volume, or complete attention to the stage.
  • Like the Venues, Hosts at private affairs are required to create a contract. Though not as binding or demanding, negotiations between parties must be documented on paper, and once approved, a final draft will need to be provided.

Partners & Sponsors

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